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Law_013_0710_KH0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A2 Civil Code of Cambodia.kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A3 Law on Nationality-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A4 Law on the Press-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A6 Law on Rights of Persons with Disabilities-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A7 Law on Standard-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A8 Law on Land Traffic-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A9 Law on HIV AIDS-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A10 Criminal Code-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A11 Law on Tourism-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A12 Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A13 Law on Domestic Violence-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A14 Law on Abortion-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A15 Law on Labor-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A17 Law on Prisons-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A18 Law on Non-Litigious Civil Procedure-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A19 Law on Procedures on Individual Status Cases-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A21 Code of Civil Procedure-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A22 Law on Compulsory Military Service10.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A23 Law on the General Statutes of Military Personnel of the RCAF-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A24 LaLaws-w on Administration & Management of Capital.Prov.Mun.Districts.Khans-Kh0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-Code of Criminal Procedure 0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-Niteyvithipineysivil0.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-Part 60.00 MB14-Jun-2017
Law-A25 Juvenile Justice Law2,493.65 MB14-Jun-2017
Laws-A1 Constitution of Royal of Cambodia.kh0.00 MB13-Jun-2017
Laws-A2 Civil Code-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A3 Law on Nationality-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A4 Law on Press Regime-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A5 Law on Inter-Country Adoption-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A5 Law on Inter-Country Adoption-Kh0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A6 Law on Rights of Persons with Disabilities-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A7 Law on Education-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A8 Law on Land Traffic-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A9 Law on HIVAIDS-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A10 Criminal Code-En-Kh NOT for DISTRIBUTION0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A11 Law on Tourism-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A12 Law on Suppression of Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A13 Law on Domestic Violence-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A14 Law on Abortion En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A15 Law on Labor-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A16 Law on the Control of Drugs-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A17 Law on Prisons-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A20 Code of Criminal Procedure-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A20 Code of CriminalProcedure-Kh0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A21 Code of Civil Procedure-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A22 Law on Compulsory Military Service-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A23 Law on General Statute for Military Personnel of the Armed Forces-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-A24 Law on Administration & Management of Capital.Prov.Mun.Districts.Khans-En0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-Laws-A1 Constitution of Royal of Cambodia-en0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-??????????????????????? ????????? ???????????????????????0.00 MB31-Dec-2016
Laws-??????????????0.00 MB31-Dec-2016

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